Twino is an investment platform for people like you and me. With more than 600 employees across 9 countries, Twino is Europe’s fastest growing peer-to-peer investment platform to date.

Although there’s nothing inherently complex about investing, relatively few people with disposable income even consider it. For the most part, it is because investing is often seen as something complex, inherently difficult, and requiring special training.

Twino, on the other hand, offers simple and secured investments and even provide buyback guarantees. So when asked to design the Twino brand, we were faced with a serious challenge:

How do you make investing mainstream?

Creative Concept

Besides figuring out how to make investing mainstream, for one, we had to figure out how to make it universally appealing in all the different markets Twino operates in. Second, as Twino was looking to hire several hundred people, the brand had to be attractive for new hires.

And what do ambitious, competitive people all have in common, regardless of where they are from or what they want to do in life? The universal desire to win.

Creative Concept — Desire to Win


Desire to Win

Twino’s unwavering desire to win found its way into the very core of Twino’s brand design — its symbol. In addition to being a permanent fixture of the brand, the symbol also gives rise to an entire universe of winning actions that makes Twino such a unique place.


Brand Ecosystem

Investing is typically associated with banks, which are not necessarily the most human-friendly places out there. What we wanted to do instead was to design the brand in a way that would be fun and relatable. And so the brand ecosystem is full of colourful illustrations, regular people, lively graphics and human-centred design.


Physical Presence

It was as important to design Twino to be relevant to its employees as it was for its clients. Because of this — and because Twino already had a great company culture — we designed an entire spectrum of company swag materials, ranging from foosball tables to motivational posters and everything in between.


Results — Since its rebranding, Twino’s cumulative investments have doubled and the company has added 30 employees every month.

In addition of helping showcase our company culture, Overpriced’s work has helped Twino become one of Europe’s fastest growing investment platforms.

Armands Broks
Founder & CEO