Client: Lielvards

Soma is an educational app that combines decades of textbooks, problem-sets, educational videos, interactive tasks, works on all your devices, and is generally free of charge.


Soma brings forth a lot of technological innovation and is clearly of great benefit to students, teachers, and parents alike. 

But as we all well know and remember, kids are often notoriously reluctant to adopt new things, unless they deem them cool.

So when asked to design the Soma brand, we were faced with a fundamental question:

How do you make education fun?

Creative Concept

Soma’s mission is to create fans of learning. It does this by taking the things one needs to learn at school, and translating them into a more modern medium. And what medium, if not emoji, is better, more modern, and more universally accepted by kids?


The Universal Language

Overpriced designed the Soma brand to speak a language familiar to kids, as well as to enable a new way of sharing knowledge.

Emoji is the universal language of kids everywhere. 

92% of people online already use emoji, and they allow Soma to spread knowledge about any subject, be it History, Sports, Literature, or Science.

User Experience

Soma combines hundreds of different textbooks, each with its own unique and often contrasting design.

Not only does the Soma Brand Design help spread knowledge about any subject in a fun way, it also helps structure the user experience.

Each subject is assigned its own emoji, and there is no need for distracting book covers anymore.


Brand Ecosystem

Soma’s brand ecosystem is enriched with original illustrations, which help the brand in three ways:

  1. The illustrations help explain and contextualise the app;
  2. They help make the service more human and relatable;
  3. They provide a unique visual language for designing further materials.

Physical Presence

Soma’s Brand Design transcends its digital presence and makes its way into several physical materials.

The flexible and fun design allows Soma to make notebooks for any class, it can be used in a powerful way in outdoors, on stickers, as well as actual yellow backpacks to be given out to kids.



Since its very limited release in September of 2016, more than 20,000 students in Latvia, or one in every 12 already use Soma.

And it’s not just students — teachers, as well as parents use Soma too. More than 20 schools across the country have adopted Soma for use in their curriculum.

More than 20,000 active users and counting.

Commissioning Overpriced to develop Soma's Brand Design has by far been one of the best decisions we have ever made for our digital identity.

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