Kate is one of the oldest Latvian furniture design companies, combining its own original designs with a carefully curated list of well-known global brands.



Ever since it started, Kate has both designed furniture itself,
and sold a collection of its favourite designs from around the world.
However, despite its vast popularity, there was a time when people weren’t aware of Kate’s two-fold nature — the majority of people believed that Kate was either a furniture store, or a furniture designer, but never both.

So, as a brand, Kate faced a serious challenge:

How can a single brand tell two stories?

Creative Concept

Kate ultimately does two things: first, it designs original furniture, and second, it curates a collection of its favorite designs from around the world. In a way, one can think of Kate as both - the frame, and the artwork itself.


Kate is simultaneously a frame for artwork, as well as the artwork itself.


And so we designed the Kate brand upon the idea of a framed artwork, which we argued perfectly encapsulates Kate as a brand.

Kate’s symbol — which is an evolution rather than revolution from its previous identity — is simple, yet unique and really helps the brand tell its two stories.

Brand Ecosystem

Furthermore, Kate’s creative concept goes well beyond the brand’s two storylines; it makes all of Kate’s materials consistent and truly its own. 

Kate’s brand design does not stop there: it is incredibly flexible and can be used to show Kate’s location on a map; to draw attention to special discounts; to be used on furniture labels, and in many more instances.

kate izklajumskate izklajums


When commissioned to design the Kate brand, we quickly realised that the greater challenge lays in figuring out how to use design to tell Kate’s two stories. 

Having succeeded in that, we are honoured to see that our work has also helped Kate in its company culture, brand awareness, and financial performance. 

Equal parts rational and creative, Overpriced's work on Kate's brand design has been nothing short of impressive in the way they were able to tell Kate’s story.

Miks Krenbergs
Director of Marketing