DWG is an independent company of structural engineers, consultants, and technical specialists. With experience in more than 350 projects around the globe, DWG is one of the region’s leading structural engineering offices.


Everyone knows what an architect is. Or a builder. Or a contractor. But what is a structural engineer? And what does she do? When commissioned to design the DWG brand, we faced a fundamental challenge:

How on earth do you make structural engineering relatable?

Making structural engineering relatable was important for three reasons:

DWG needed to attract the region’s best engineering talent, which made it necessary for DWG to be relatable to career prospects.

Architects and builders would often steal the show from engineers, which meant that that it was necessary for DWG to explain what it is they do.

DWG wanted to expand their partnerships with investors, architects, and other third parties, and needed a brand that could help them do that.


Creative Concept

Ok, but what is a structural engineer? We argued that what a structural engineer really is, is a metaphorical caryatid or atlas, who supports buildings on her knowledgable head and experienced shoulders.

Creative Concept — Structural Engineers are Caryatides and Atlantes.

And so we designed the DWG brand to reflect the engineer’s role as that of structural support.

DWG’s brand design also incorporates elements of the two services the company provides, namely element drawings and structural engineering services. Element drawings inform manufacturers as to how to build the necessary parts, while structural engineering services tell builders how to assemble the parts.

Both of these things are represented in DWG’s logo — it starts out with the necessary parts, which are then arranged in the right way.


Brand Ecosystem

DWG’s brand design permeates all of the brand’s materials and is enriched with comprehensible illustrations that cover DWG’s services, patterns derived from the DWG symbol, and other uniquely DWG visual elements.


Since its redesign, DWG has added new professionals to its team and expanded its partnerships.

Overpriced has helped us with much more than just great design — they helped us realise who we are and how to talk about it in a relatable way.

Jolanta Cerpa
Head of Riga Office